Want to Combine the Thrills of Fishing and Archery?

Try bowfishing on a catch-and-keep excursion in Windsor, CO

Due to its appeal to both archery enthusiasts and fishermen, bowfishing has become increasingly popular. See what it's all about by booking an excursion with Water Valley Adventures. We offer guided carp fishing in the Windsor, CO area. Our catch-and-keep fishing trips are available in half and full-day sessions for up to 4 people. We'll provide the bows, arrows, line, drinks, and snacks.

Choose your excursion start time

Choose your excursion start time

Catch-and-keep start times can vary depending on the season, but we try to be consistent. Bowfishing is for Carp Only. We offer bowfishing:

  • Morning sessions: typically starting between 5 and 6:30 a.m.
  • Evening sessions: typically starting 30 minutes after dark.
At night, we'll use spotlights to penetrate the water. Call us today to schedule your exciting carp fishing session. Two days before the adventure, our guide will let you know if the weather and water quality are ideal.

Carp only archery fishing package:

  • $400++ for 1-2 shooters (4 hours) $600++ for (3) shooters
  • Most generally night-based trips, except during the spawn
  • Included: (1) guide, first class night illuminated bow fishing boat, all bows, arrows, reels, and line (clients may also bring their own gear)